Our staff have a unique combination of experience in education, web development, programming, and marketing. With our skill set and the help of various contractors we can call on, there are a multitude of ways we can help your organisation.

Lisa Metcalfe



Lisa has worked with a wide range of small businesses and not-for-profit organisations, facilitating strategic planning and coaching through change.  Her passion is working with the Small Business and Community sectors. She has over 15 years experience in business training and support in the tertiary sector. Lisa has designed and delivered a wide range of business training programmes both for previous employers and for CLAD Services.

| lisa.metcalfe@clad.nz

Richard Thomas



Richard works as the IT Manager for a local government body and part-time for CLAD Services. His skills cover a wide range of areas including database development, website development, network security, system administration and more. He has worked with a wide variety of systems ranging from DOS, through all versions of Windows, several versions of Unix and derivatives thereof.  Unsurprisingly, Richard has an ongoing interest in computing and is very interested in Open Source software and its developments.

| richard.thomas@clad.nz

Danielle Burns

Danielle has recently become a resident of New Zealand and is currently working remotely and attending art school. As a US citizen, she grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Danielle graduated in 2007 from the University of New Orleans with a bachelors degree in Marketing. She brings to CLAD over 9 years of experience in client relations, sales, and marketing. Danielle is also an inspiring artist who enjoys carving and sculpting native timbers and stone of New Zealand.

| danielle.burns@clad.nz

Kane Haftka

Web Design & Support

Kane has a combination of creative graphic and technical skills that are valuable in his role of Design and Support. Kane designs and maintains our websites. He designs our brochures and adverts and also is working on new ways to create more visually pleasing online teaching materials for our business courses.

| kane.haftka@clad.nz


Team Leader

Lily is in charge of maintaining staff morale, whether that be by offering us affection when required, or getting her paws dirty ensuring our office remains pest-free.

06 858 5303 | info@clad.co.nz