The New Zealand Library Association

In the past most of our courses have been face-to-face events in the main centres. Although our members appreciate the networking opportunities that come with this type of training, not all librarians can attend because of remote geographical location, difficulties with release time and shrinking staff training budgets. Consequently in 2012 we decided to explore self-paced online learning formats with an aim to create our own online courses specifically targeted at libraries and librarians.

LIANZA doesn’t have the resources or experience to create an in-house product, which is where CLAD came in. CLAD took our content and converted it into an online learning course. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was surprised at how quick and easy the whole process was. CLAD worked closely with the author of the content to create a logical sequence and check questions. All communication with the company is handled in a very timely manner and the staff immediately act to rectify any reported problems.

New Zealand librarians love the fact that they are able to undertake learning at their own pace, wherever and whenever they like at an affordable cost. Feedback from our members has been very positive and we are currently working on content to give to CLAD to create more online courses for us.

Maree Kibblewhite
Professional Development Manager, LIANZA

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 New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa

In looking to deliver professional development opportunities for members outside of face-to-face events, we hosted several webinars. As expected, running the webinar itself was straightforward, however, the administration of the process (registrations, cancellations, provision of pre-reading, payments, and follow-up), for a one hour webinar was as time-consuming as hosting a face-to-face day-long workshop - and less profitable.

In comparison, the online CPD solution provided by CLAD Services allows us to supply professional development to members with very little involvement by me - especially as CLAD handle our course registrations, payments and reporting. This is done safely and with transparency. I also receive a nudge every so often from CLAD to promote the course when registrations slow down - fantastic! It is just that kind of support I need. When I am sending out e-newsletters or other electronic communications it is simply a matter of pasting some brief info on the course and a link. I do it time and again. So simple. So ‘always there’, hassle-free. CLAD also sort log-in questions - if a member enquires about the course to me, I confidently forward the message to CLAD who follow-up - just like they are an extra .25 FTE on staff. Outstanding service.

Tina Larsen
New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa

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 New Zealand Institute of Dental Technologists

CLAD Services have provided NZIDT with competent and professional service, at outstanding value. CLAD services manage our day to day requirements with efficiency and good humour from the mundane and trivial, to the creation and maintenance of our website, management of our Annual Conference and the political interactions required with our regulatory authority the Dental Council of New Zealand (DCNZ). I have always been impressed by their proactive nature and ambition to develop and improve what they deliver. NZIDT has benefited immeasurably from its relationship with CLAD services and highly recommend them without hesitation.

Mike Smith, President, New Zealand Institute Dental Technologists (NZIDT )


Clad delivers a comprehensive, well-organised, efficient and effective secretarial service. Clad has been instrumental in lifting the profile of the NZIDT and in vastly improving the services provided to members. Clad invoicing and reporting is methodical and transparent. Clad staff is approachable and mindful of the unique needs of the NZIDT. Since employing Clad perhaps one of the biggest triumphs for the executive of the NZIDT but by no means the only one is our annual conference. Through innovation, hard work and determination Clad has elevated our conference from one of good national standing to world class. The NZIDT relationship with Clad has been of great benefit to our organisation and we wholeheartedly recommend Clad for any secretariat needs you may have.

 Andrew Devine, Immediate Past President, NZIDT

Sharon Devine, Treasurer, NZIDT


 Learning Disabilities Association of New Zealand

CLAD first broke into my consciousness when they were appointed to provide administrative support to SPELD NZ, and in particular to the Professional Standards Committee of which I was a member. The tasks were to develop Quality Management Systems for the organisation and to undertake the running of these systems. Lisa Metcalfe was the delightful, extremely knowledgeable, and totally efficient human face that put this together and made it run for us. She was later joined by Michelle Hewlett, who very ably attended to the administration. These two people provided us at SPELD NZ with a totally excellent, as well as very user-friendly, service. The members of the PSC, lucky enough to work with the CLAD team, regarded CLAD Services very highly indeed.

In the last two years the Learning Disabilities Association of New Zealand (LDANZ) was formed. I was elected president of that association. On the basis of such a positive past experience with CLAD Services, that a number of our LDANZ members were so familiar with, we approached CLAD to assist us develop strategies and systems for our new organisation and have appointed CLAD Services as our registrar. They are also assisting us to develop on-line professional development. So far we are more than happy with the advice, support and administration services that have been provided to us.

Bill Glassey, President, LDANZ


 New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists' Association

The New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association has been able to open up a new realm of learning to its members through our partnership with CLAD. We have found CLAD incredibly professional, knowledgeable and supportive during the process of compiling materials for the individual online courses we have launched. Feedback from members is that they love this self directed style of learning and they want more.

Philippa Friary, President, NZSTA