Executive Services:

Meeting Organisation: venue booking, arranging catering, organising travel and accommodation, preparing the agenda, attending meetings to take minutes and post meeting minutes editing for approval, help desk for telephone or skype meetings.

When attending meetings CLAD can provide internet access, a data projector, and access to our system and files as required.

CLAD provides secure online access to all documents. We scan hard copy mail and load all correspondence to an online file storage system which the executive can access online.

Other executive services include:

  • Following up on tasks required from meetings to ensure completion within timeframes.
  • Formatting, recording and sending correspondence from president and executive.
  • Organising documentation, call for remits and all other requirements for AGM.
  • Attend AGM to take minutes.
  • Provide a report to the membership for the AGM.
  • Provide support to the president and executive, take instructions and carry out requests on their behalf.


  • Access to all information required at meetings
  • Voluntary hours are more productive, eg. no meeting organising or administrative tasks to be done by executive.
  • Support and reminders to the executive (effectively a personal secretary)
  • Filter non-essential communications.
  • Eensure that communications go to the appropriate person on the committee.

Membership Services:

A responsive secretariat helps resolves membership issues, refers people to the appropriate contacts, and processes membership applications and renewals in a timely manner. The overall perception of the organisation lifts and this translates into an increase in membership numbers.

Membership related tasks that we carry out include:

  • Register members and add to database.
  • Process renewals.
  • Produce membership cards.
  • Handle all member enquiries: phone, email, mail, fax.
  • Send branch notices as required.
  • Produce and send membership newsletters – email and/or printed.
  • Provide branches with accurate membership information


  • professional look encourages greater membership
  • timely and accurate information supplied to membership
  • members are informed and see value for their subscription
  • immediate service, no waiting for volunteers to have time.

Quality Management Systems:

Our quality management systems include:

  • Filing, hard copy and electronic
  • Communication records including email, snail mail, voice, fax
  • Secure data storage and retrieval fully backed-up with multiple backups
  • Customer Relationship Management System that collects information about clients in one place, tracks snail mail, phone calls, email, work tasks, projects, activities and more, provides time management tools and time tracking.


  • easy to find all correspondence and communications
  • ability to look up who said what and when as required
  • safety of information – complete backup of all records
  • CRM provides complete information on all aspects of relationship

Database Management:

  • Membership management – cancellations, active/inactive, tracking.
  • Administer database changes and updates
  • Provide a help desk – problem solving, logins, use of features.
  • Decisions register – record decisions in the register.


  • Accurate and current information stored in the database

Office Space:

We provide a fully staffed office with a combination of full-time and part-time staff and room to expand. We train all of our staff. Staff are allocated contracts to manage and we have weekly meetings to keep all staff informed about what is happening in our various contracts so that we can provide backup support for each of our contracts.

Business overheads cover rent, power, phones, IT system, staffing, depreciation, insurance, po box, general costs.

We have a virtualised server system with a disaster recovery backup server, professional printing and photocopying, data projector, video camera, presentation tools and software.


  • low cost offices (shared space and resources)
  • use of sophisticated IT systems
  • central point for all contact and communication
  • no staff responsibilities (sick/holiday/overtime pay, training, taxes etc