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Online CPD is an online training site curated by CLAD Services Limited. We have developed and hosted courses for a wide range of organisations for several years. The site last went through a redesign in 2010 and it was decided the site was in need of an overhaul. The redesign was completed over two stages.

Stage One: Redesign the front end site.

The front end website is build on the Silverstripe CMS. The design is built from scratch. We were aiming for a modern, clean look and feel. We needed to have a consistent feel throughout the site, consistent navigation, however each organisation represented in the site needs to have their own colour scheme and logo present on their pages.

We achieved this without the use of multiple themes or Page Types.

Stage Two: Redesign the Courses (Moodle)

While course enrolment is handled by our Silverstripe (front-end) site, the courses themselves are built using the popular Moodle LMS (Learning Management System).

The course Themes are child themes of the fantastic Aardvark theme developed by Shaun Daubney. These child themes are very heavily modified using custom CSS and are nearly indistinguishable from the original to fit with our main sites look and feel.