Site Design:

Sea Sky Bush and the Waipukurau Rotary club approached us to update their website with a brand new look and booking method. They wanted a modern design that showcases the region with photography, a bold colour scheme, and an easy to use navigation to cater for all age groups. LUX Design created the logo and provided a range of colour schemes to choose from.

Features of the home page include large parallax header with backdrop of a group of walkers ascending a hill with a large blue sky. There is a 2 second delay before the main content fades slightly into view to encourage the user to scroll.

Four large boxes on the home page provide quick access to the most important information on the site. Clicking on these boxes shows more information and a direct link if required.

There is a content box on the home page which can be edited by the site administrator, or if left blank will be populated by the first two paragraphs of the home page. There is MailChimp integration allowing visitors to subscribe to Sea Sky Bush's newsletter directly from the website.

We included a 'testimonials' slider near the bottom of the home page to provide snippets of the experiences of past walkers.

The brief required the navigation to be simple and intuitive. Because of this we place the top level items at the top of the page, aligned to the right with the logo to the left as is standard in many websites these days. The top level navigation items include the basic about pages, link to the current walk, link to the contact information, and a search icon which when clicked will bring down a search input field. Clicking on the logo will take you back to the home page, however we decided to include a home link in the main navigation as well to ensure there is no confusion. Clicking on these menu items take you straight to the page, however, if there are subpages to these items, we included a dropdown arrow to display a 'mega menu' with links to more pages and a little more information. For those who don't use the mega menu, all pages have a sidebar with direct links to these pages.

As you scroll down the page, the logo shrinks to a smaller vertically aligned version of itself. This provides a direct link to the home page. On the right hand side, the menu collapses into a 'hamburger' menu icon. Clicking this icon displays the menu. This removes the need for the user to scroll back to the top to navigate the site. These icons are fixed to the top of the screen, yet are out of the way of the content. 

Booking Form:

We developed a booking form to work with the website. A simple shopping cart was not sufficient in this case as the clients needs were more complex. We developed a form where multiple walkers can be booked together, regardless of whether they were doing the full three day walk, part walks, accommodation type (if any), and whether each walker is sharing the accommodation with another. A running total of the cost and amount of people in the booking is kept visible in the side bar as each change is made on the form.

On submission, the user and the administrator receives the confirmation of booking along with payment instructions.